Cape Town Architects: At Beverley Hui architects we have a passion for designing original, beautiful residential architecture that is a pleasure to live an. By understanding architectural styles for residential buildings, our architect creates authentic modern designs with pleasing proportion, massing and balance. BH architects is passionate about all aspects of architecture from the architect's initial concept design, through the approval process and the final realisation and interior finish of the architecture project. The senior architect, Beverley Hui, completes all aspects of the design and construction drawings with mimimum delegation to junior architects.

Beverley Hui has more than 10 years experience designing upmarket residential architecture projects in the Cape area including Stellenbosch, Paarl and Somerset West. The architect believes in designing unique house plans, with careful attention to the circulation between spaces, orienation for the Cape climate, and the interaction between interior and exterior spaces. Our architect's website arranges completed houses according to architecture style, as we believe that interpreting style with architectural authenticity is key to achieving beautiful coherent architecture. Beverley Hui architect has completed houses in the following architecture styles: Modern, French, Country, Cape Dutch, Cape Vernacular, Modern Cape Dutch and contemporary. However we are not limited to any particular style and are constantly expanding our vocabulary of architectural styles.

As local Cape Town Architects, Beverley Hui architect is familiar with all South African building regulations including the latest ammendments for energy efficiency in buildings and green architecture practice. Beverley Hui Architect is registered with all the relevant architectural bodies in South Africa, including the South African Council for the architectural profession (SACAP), the South African Institute of Architecture, (SAIA) and the Cape Institute For Architecture. (CIFA).

We design buildings in modern and classic architectural styles, and particularly enjoy residential buildings where the "wow" factor is required, such as boutique hotels, luxury villas, safari lodges, resorts and guest houses. Our architect is greatly influenced by the beauty of the surrounding Cape region, and the architectural legacy of the Cape Dutch houses in the area.

As Top Residential Architects Beverley Hui architect provides a general budgetary allowance for finishes, with the option for detailed interior finishes selection by the architect. Whether you desire luxury architecture or something more cost effective, BH architects has the experience and inspiration to create an architectural masterpiece, tailored to your requirements.

At BH architect we firmly believe that the client is king, and endevour at all times to place the client's stylistic sensibility and taste above our own, while at the same time providing the professional input to ensure architectural and structural integrity. BH architects will often present the client with more than one desigin option, making sure that all alternatives are investigated and the best design achieved. As award winning architects in Schonenberg estate, we aim to be the best architects in South Africa.

Interior Architecture by Beverley Hui Architects


As Modern Architects operating in the Cape Winelands, Beverley Hui Architects aims to bring a modern spin to the traditional Cape Vernacular farm architecture of the Cape winelands. Stone textured cellar walls and farm barn doors are contrasted with clean edges and corner windows of the modern house above.


Aware of the modern cost of electricity in South Africa and the need for green architecture design, Beverley Hui Architects incorporates a number of "green architect" principles and choices of materials. Our house plan designs are generally oriented to the North, which is also most comfortable for the Cape climate conditions in South Africa. The architect specifies top insulation materials in the roof as well as low-e glass to reduce transference of heat through the walls and windows, reducing energy costs. Low comubstion wood fires are recommended, to further reduce energy consumption and make the house plan "green".


As top residential architects in the Cape wine region, Beverley Hui architect aims to bring the client value throughout the building process. We complete house plans, with detailed specifications and lists of areas for floor finishes and architect's recommended budget allowances, which enables us to make fair comparisons when obtaining tenders from building contractors. We calloborate with the interior architectural consultants such as kitchen and lighting consultants to a achieve coherent architectural design and follow through. The architect also performs architect's site visits to monitor that the design is executed according to the architect's intentions for the house.

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